Our Procedure.

Experience the speed and ease using ILS where you’ll find investigators in days, not months.


For Sponsors and CROs:

  1. Contact ILS with your study specifications.
  2. ILS emails a generic description of your project to the appropriate clinical investigator specialty. You are not identified.
  3. Interested clinical investigators with current capacity for your study respond to ILS.
  4. ILS submits their CVs to you. You decide whom to contact.

No matter what you call them, we have access to clinical research site, clinical trials site, clinical trial site, clinical trials investigator, clinical trial investigator, clinical investigator, clinical investigators, clinical research investigator, clinical research center, clinical trials network.

Get started now. Call ILS or Click Here where you will be able to download the Project Specification form. It's Simple and Quick. It takes only a few moments to fill out and fax this form to ILS to get investigator recruiting started.

To Register as a Clinical Investigator at ILS:

  1. Click Here to register as a Clinical Investigator, then download the Investigator Site Profile form. Fax this form to ILS and ILS will send appropriate studies for you to consider.
  2. After a brief conversation to ensure that you match ILS criteria, a few questions will be asked so that you can efficiently and effectively be added to the ILS clinical investigator database.

ILS has recruited and placed 1,000’s of experienced clinical investigators on routine, as well as difficult-to-place protocols. Let ILS help you. Call 1-541-633-7540.