Clinical Investigator Registration

Over the last fifteen years, ILS has become the premier provider of clinical research investigator recruiting services used by over 436 Sponsors and CROs. ILS has recruited and placed 1,000’s of studies with experienced clinical investigators on routine, as well as difficult-to-place protocols.

ILS clinical investigators in the US and Canada are located in private practice, academia and full time research facilities. By registering with ILS, investigators will receive new study opportunities to consider, risk free with no obligation.


Once registered at ILS, you will receive a generic description of appropriate projects via email. If you are interested in reviewing a study, respond to ILS by filling out the study specific Site Questionnaire and return it and your CV to ILS. Your CV and the Site Questionnaire will be sent to the Sponsor or CRO for review. They will contact you directly and provide the protocol and other information to you and answer your questions. If you decide not to do the study after reviewing the protocol, you owe ILS nothing. If you decide to proceed with the study, you will owe ILS the Marketing Fee specified in the ILS Investigator Agreement for the specific study.

Simple and Efficient!

Don’t let your unused research capacity sit idle. Let ILS quickly and efficiently engage you in additional studies in your area of interest today.

To get started, Call ILS at 1-541-633-7540.  After a brief conversation, ILS will move you forward into clinical trials, allowing you to do what you do best.

Download the Investigator/Site Profile form here