About Investigator Location Services

The demand for experienced and motivated clinical investigators is increasing. Investigator Location Services, Inc., known as ILS, is here to accelerate your search for the right investigator with the capacity for your next clinical trial.

ILS is a privately held, informatics driven company providing clinical investigator recruiting services to pharmaceutical, biotech, medical device, diagnostic, genomic and CRO companies. The ILS management team has over 40 years of clinical research experience. ILS has become the largest Study Broker in the U.S. with an expanded, comprehensive database of 27,000+ experienced US and 1,200+ experienced Canadian clinical investigators representing all medical specialties and practice settings.

Since initiating operations in July 2001, ILS has recruited 10,000+ clinical investigators on 1031+ protocols including routine and difficult to place protocols, working with 436+ pharmaceutical, biotech, genetic, medical device, diagnostic and CRO companies.

Instant access to 27,000+ clinical investigators, coupled with an experienced management team, allows ILS to create revenue for the top clinical investigators while rapidly providing RISK FREE investigator recruiting services for sponsors and CRO companies at NO COST.

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